Monday, January 30, 2006


Before the move, I anticipated I would be able to a get a fresh start on many things- ways I had been doing, thinking, saying. It holds true. I feel very blessed to be able to start fresh and get a chance to re invent myself. Not that I would be giving up design...that is my But that maybe I might be able to take that letterpress class finally or get my degree. Although, I have been in the business since 1985! It still matters that little f?#@en paper! I guess...

So here we are in wonderful Portland. My other half is here...finally! We are glad to be together again. Portland is so fresh! We have found nothing but nice people and hospitality. It was almost shocking to a point! :) Not too many people stop and say hi to you on the streets of southern ca! It has rained a lot since we arrived, but I am relishing in it! It is comforting and there is always an instant renewal developing. Life is still present in the rain. Bicycle riders, walkers, runners, babies in strollers are everywhere. People don't care, they get into it and carry on. The activeness of the city is contagious and refreshing. There are more people on the street here being active then I saw on any given day in La Mesa, it's great. I have enjoyed watching it and jumping right in!

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