Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more than just books

I just attended my last book circle with women I have been meeting monthly with for over 8 years. We are united more than just by words pressed between pages. We have read sooo many fabulous books the list is just too long! Our circle consist of some of the most intelligent, compassionate and enlightened women I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have grown up with some of the women in this circle and have come to value them for just being presence in my life. Others I may have not known very long, but love and respect them very much.

Thank you women for being apart of my life.

Ode to the OB Book Circle
I will miss....
Eventhia's warmth, Wendy's running stories, Felicia's insight, Carole's wisdom, Linda's political stories, Martha's understanding, Lisa's dynamics, Cindy's smile, Julia's flowers, Terry' opinion, Merry Lena's heart.

I will miss....

the red wine shared between friends,
the stories of your children
the bashing of a certain political party
the safety net of the circle
the food (especially at Merry Lena's)
sitting together
and, the cute man who delivers the best pizza ever to us each year on the beach of OB!

I will not miss our friendships because I will always carry them with me.
Love yvonne

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