Monday, November 07, 2005


Sometimes they scare me.

Most the time it's a good feeling... Like heading up the really big incline of the really big and fast roller coaster, in a split second you know your world will change with the drop down. Afterwards there's elation and sometimes you want to do it again. Well, that's how I look at change.

My family and I are about to embark on a very BIG change soon. The wheels are in motion. oooo)))oooo))))oooo)))

We are moving from San Diego, CA to Portland, Oregon. Most people who know us are shocked that we would make such a bold move. Mostly they say, what about the weather, how can you leave your career's, your so involved here, what about your family.

Their comments make me more aware of how we view the world from the same place everyday of our lives. How we get stuck into routines and business that we just simple do because we've been doing it for sooooo long. I don't know if we are crazy for uprooting our lives and transplanting them somewhere else or just adventurous.

As far as the rain goes, I look forward to the rain. It will be good for my skin :) I look forward to the seasons changing. Changing again and again.

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  1. congrats on your updated site and all of the amazing new work. i also want to wish you luck on your big move. the change in weather will only make you feel more, think different, and overall, release more creative energy. i think you'll be inspired in a different way. thanks again for giving me the opportunity to work with you. take care.....



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